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Pastor Reginald Woodhouse
First Baptist Church Jefferson Park

Giving God His

Praying In The Spirit

Reviving The Dry Bones

A Profile Of A Worshiper

What You Can Live Without

Pastor Antoyne L. Green
New Life Baptist Church

Lord Let Me See Me

Pressed Into Prayer

I Am Miracle Material

Master I Need You To Minister To Me

Pastor Vandy L. Colter III
Kingdom Covenant
Christian Center

I'm Too Anointed For That

No More Looking Back

Overcoming Hurt "God
Please Tell Me Why"

Pastor Marcus Davidson
Pleasant Grove Missionary
Baptist Church

Jesus Cares

The Joy Of Forgiveness

Put It In The Hands Of The Lord

The Other Side Of Ministry

Minister Lakeba Wallace

No Where To Go But Up

Passion In Action
Lakeba Wallace - You Can Make It.

Bishop David G. Evans
Bethany Baptist Church

I Love You But I Don't Understand You
Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3
Part 4 * Part 5 * Part 6

Wounded No More
Overcoming The Power Of Rejection

Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 * Part 4

Money Is My Friend
Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 * Part 4

What Did You Think
Was Going To Happen
Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3

Dare To Called A Man
Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3

What Every Woman Needs To
Know About A Man
(From The 4 Men Loosed Series)
Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 * Part 4
Part 5 * Part 6 * Part 7 * Part 8

Mission: Impossible / Breakthrough

Pastor Dr. Donald Morton
Perfected Life Church

Man Versus Mankind
Part 1
Part 2

Part 3
Part 4

Apostle Alicia Kee
Front Land Church

Winner's Circle

The Lion Of Judah

Emerging Cultures

Surviving The Anointing

Faith For The Assignment

Pastor Thomas S. Cooper
Inspired Word Ministries

I'm Not Where You Think I Am

That's Not My Name

Come And Get Your Things

Pastor E. Dewey Smith, Jr.
Greater Travelers Rest Baptist Church

The Blessing Of Being Swallowed Up

A Preacher And A Politician

When You Handcuff God

When God Shows Up

An Unlikely Victim

Dr. Kendrick L. Meredith
Life Abundantly Christian Church


A New You

Are You A Dreamer

Repent And Turn Away

Pastor Michael Jobe
ving Hope Free Will
Baptist Church

Change Your Narrative

How Soon We Forget


Pastor Diane Arthur
John Wesley United Methodist Church

Don't Stumble Over The
Rock Lean On It

He Did It Just For Love

Move Over And Let God Be God

It Is Just A Cloud That Will Soon Pass

Shake It Off And Move On

The Key To God's Promises Is Love

The Potter Will Make You Or Break You

Who Wouldn't Trust A God Like This

Your Night Is Almost Over

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Pastor Kevin Delee

A Sinner's Faith

Can I Get A Witness

I Anticipate

It Is Well

Pastor K.M. Brown Sr.
Kingdom Life Int. Assemblies

Having A Healthy Root System

Everyone And Everything Must Change

Establishing Healthy Roots


Dennis M. Golphin
Global Kingdom Governors

Call To Excellence

Which Son Are You?

Succeeding With God

Kingdom Purchase Principle

Pastor Damion P. Gordon Sr.
First United Missionary
Baptist Church

Drought Season

Bishop Courtney Pope
Holy Temple Church
Of The Fresh Harvest

God Is On A Manhunt

Preferred By Excellence

He Brought Me From
Disgrace To A Place Of Grace


Apostle Eric F. Ricks
Faith Deliverance Worship Center

Today, We Pause To Give Thanks


Rev. Lewis Randolph
Antioch Missionary
Baptist Church

Satan Tempts Jesus


Rev. Antoinette Attinson
Eagles Touch Ministries

Let's Pray

Lost Identity

Shut The Door

An Open Heaven

Subtle Seductions

Resting On The Rock

I Am Bowing My Heart

It's Time For A Change

In The Valley Of Decision

Pastor Dorian Morgan
Restoration Station

Adam, Where Are You?

A Place Called Restoration

The Word Is In The Praise

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Apostle Dawn Christopher
New Dawn Ministries Intl.

God Is Ready To Blow Your Mind

Watch God Move

Go To Hell


Pastor J.L. Spann Jr.
Fully Rely On God Christian Min.

An Open Book Test

Is Anybody Thirsty?

An Attitude Of Gratitude

A Test For Selective Service

Stepping Into A New Season

Pastor Dr.
Raymond M. Gordon, Sr.
St. Matthew's Baptist Church

God's Steps Are Steep, Not Slippery

The Difficulty Of God's Design

God's Prospective Package

Test Through Tough Times

Faithfulness Is Fueled By
A Fight To The Finish

God's Prescription For
Peace & Prosperity

Conflicts That Confirm Our Conversion

Pastor Herbert R. Davis
Nehemiah Christian Center COGIC

Lord Make Me

I Need A Hand

Lessons From Enoch

Help! I'm Trying To Close

Pastor Rickey D. McBride
New Beginnings In Christ

Never Cut Short

God Is Still In Control

God Is Able To See You Through

Pastor Elder Robert Strong
Kossuth Church of God in Christ


And The Iron Did Swim
(Miracle on the Hudson)

Knowing The Holy Ghost

The Exchange Was At The Cross

Pastor Demetrius K. Samuel, Jr.
Shiloh C.O.G.I.C.


The Art Of Waiting

Get Back To Shiloh

You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet

Dr. W.L. Mitchell
Judah Worship Word Ministries


There Is Nothing Too Hard For God

There Is Nothing New Under The Sun

With God All Things Are Possible

Sing Over Me


Rev. Kevin A. Washington
Bethel Deliverance Church Camden

Enough Is Enough

Who Are You Mary Or Martha

Apostle Dr. Maurice Randolph
Christian Faith Assembly

Vashti's Truce With Truth

A Rhema Word In You

When Things Seem Like
Other Than You Think

Where God Answers The
Question, Why?

Rev. Nichelle Early
BreakForth Rivers of Living Water Min.

I've Got To Catch My Breath

Pharaoh Has To Let Me Go

Praying In The Storm

It's Showtime

Pastor Wayne Fitzpatrick
New Life Full Gospel Ministries

God Of This World

A Good Character

Battle Of The Nation

The Judgement Day

Rapture Of The Church

Millennium Reign Of Christ
Part 1

Millennium Reign Of Christ
Part 2

Bishop Sandy T. Burks
New Restoration Community Church

Go In The Strength You Have Left

Fight It! The Spirit Of Depression

You've Seen The Last Of
This For The Last Time

Unhindered Faith Will
Change Your Issue

No Stale Bread

Pastor Rosie Haynes
Haynes Miracle
Temple Faith Ministries

I Must Work The Work

Reviving God's Anointed Music

The Pressure Is On, But
You Can Make It

Minister Jeania Riley

Dancing In The Spirit

Rev. Kim R. Brewer
Healing Of The
Heart Ministries

Flip The Page

Pastor Selara R. Mann Jr.
Christ Fellowship Prayer Tabernacle

Failure To See

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Rev. Vincent L. Wilson Sr.
New Life Baptist Church

Somebody Help Me Get To Jesus

Pastor Clifford McGrady
New Unity Christian Fellowship Ch.

I Gotta Do It

Reverend Gillard S. Glover
First A.M.E. Church of Palm Coast

Sacraments Don't Keep Saints From Sin

Don't Remember That, Remember This

How To Come Out Of The Wilderness

The Power Of Church

Set Free To Serve


Pastor Timothy J. Winters
Bayview Baptist Church

Great Comebacks

The Junk In Your Trunk

Living Above Mediocrity

Getting On With Your Life

The Beginning Of Adult Life

A Mother And Daughter Team

Breaking Generational Poverty

Flaws, Faults, Failures & Fixings

Pastor Dr. T.K. Carroll, Sr.
Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church

Prayer Works