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Reverend Dr. Alyn E. Waller
Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church

Only What You Do For Christ Will Last

Church Stewardship And Finance

What Then Shall We Do

Boaz Or Bozo

Wake Up

Prayer Works

His Name Is Jesus

I Came Back To Say Thank You

Pastor Warren C. McKnight
Love Kingdom Fellowship Church

Before We Grow, That Has To Go

Guess Who Comes To Church

How Low Can You Go

The Biggest Loser

Drop The Weight

Pastor Steven Walker
Abundant Life Healing Fellowship

I Will Help Thee

A Mind To Work

The I''s Are Stacked In My Favor
Part 1
Part 2

Bishop Kenneth White
Linconia Tabernacle Christian Center

Anointed But Going In
The Wrong Direction

Head For The Hills

Breaking The Spirit Of The Crowd

Anointed To Make A Difference

Pastor Eric A. Lambert, Jr.
Bethel Deliverance

Submitting To Your Husband
Loving Your Wife
Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3
Part 4 * Part 5 * Part 6

Part 1 * Part 2

Biblical Holiness

Shifting Loyalties

Renewing The Mind

Getting Your Fire Back

Walking In Your Season

What Is Holiness
Part 1 * Part 2

Life In The Spirit
Part 1 * Part 2

Seasonal Development
Part 1 * Part 2

Pastor Clement M. Lupton, III
Beloved St. John
Evangelistic Church

Shift Your Focus

Speak The Word

Great Is The Lord

It Was Good For Me

Don't Block Your Blessin

Our God Is For Us
Part 1 * Part 2

You Are The Light Of The World

We Are The Salt Of The Earth

Having Done All To Stand, Stand

Rev. Dr. Janet Jenkins Sturdivant
Asbury African Methodist Episcopal C.

Shake Yourself Loose

Faith Of A Mother

Why Church?

Pastor Benjamin Green
Abiding Truth Ministries

Defiance Despite Danger

Keep On Praying


Watch Out For Devilish Pride

Bishop Audrey F. Bronson
Sanctuary Church Of The Open Door

God Has Faith In You

Living Life In The Key Of C

Bishop Keith W. Reed, Sr.
Sharon Baptist Church

Love Is Not Jealous Or Envious

Love Is Not Boastful

Agape Love

What Love Is

Spiritual Gifts

The Gifted Child

When Vipers Strike

When Believers Battle

What The Church Needs Now

A Real Conversion Experience

Spiritual Warfare
(Attacks From The Unseen Enemy)

Pastor Kristopher T. Halsey
Watch God Move Deliverance Min.

The Devil Is A Liar

Thank God For My Thorn

You Must Die To Your Will

All I Want To Do Is Touch Him

Use Your Keys To The Kingdom

How To Be More Than Conquerors

Pastor Harry W. Davis
Holy Temple of God Baptist Church

A Powerful Liberation

Extreme Makeover

Living Stress Free

Spiritual Growth

The Secret Of Greatness

Reverend Dr. William J. Shaw
White Rock Baptist Church

Opened Windows And
Overflowing Blessings

Joys & Tears At Christmas

Pastor Dr. George E. Gibson, Jr.
Christian Love Worship Center

When The Rejected And
Ridiculed Are Rewarded

Get Your Fight Back

Family Matters

Who Is Your Delilah?

You Might As Well Go For It


Pastor W. Lonnie Herndon
Church Of Christian C

Lord Deliver Me From Me

Christians With Convictions

The Truth About Lying

Faith Under Fire

Bishop Millicent Hunter
The Baptist Worship Center

 Crime Scene Investigation

God Is Getting Me Ready
For The Big One

I Am Carrying Something

I Am Destined To Win

Led Out Blind

Keep Digging

Ghost Busters

Holler, Until It Helps

From That To This

Keep Moving

Check Up On It

Watch Your Mouth

A Down Low Brother

The Blessing Of A Dirty Bird

Bishop Gilbert Coleman, Jr.
Freedom Christian Bible Fellowship

The Foundation For Success (Effectively Communicate
With Each Other)

Don't Question God

The Lord Will Provide

Money Management

Don't Miss Your Turn

Saved But Still Struggling

The Realization Of A Dream

Companions Of A Purpose
Part 1 * Part 2

Wisdom That Comes From Above

Exposing The Spirit Of Jezebel

Why I've Got What I've Got

Guard Your Heart

God's Classroom

Hold On

Pastor Douglas M. Carpenter
Philadelphia Prayer, Praise &
Worship Center Church

Humility - 7 Steps Down

What To Do When You
Mess Up Big Time

Esteeming Others

Pastor Felisa E. Carpenter
Philadelphia Prayer, Praise &
Worship Center Church

God's Way Of Dealing With
Our Disappointments

There Is Purpose In Your Pain

Pastor Damone B. Jones Sr.
Bible Way Baptist Church

A Word For The Wives

Surviving The Teenage Years

How God Sees Divorce

When You Been Left

Who's Ya Daddy

Look Both Ways

Sleeping With The Enemy

When You Just Ain't Feeling It

Preparing For A Promotion

Raising A Dead Brother
(Easter Sunday)

Pastor Troy Davis
New Life Worship Centre

Go Thy Way

Set The City On Fire

Shake The Devil Off
(The Grace To Finish)

Pastor Trina Davis
New Life Worship Centre

God Will Supply

It Shall Come To Pass

The Power To Start & Stop The Reign

Pastor Keith Echols
Word Of Faith
Christian Center

Walking In Love And Forgiveness

Relating Properly To Fatherhood

The Lord Who Sees Ahead

Staying Strong In Spirit

Taming The Tongue

Overcoming The
Weakness Of The Flesh

Deliver Us From Evil

2 Ways To Be Broken

Living Warfare Minded

Return To Your First Love

Building A Strong Life Of Faith

Saturated, Separated, Sanctified

Developing A Godly Relationship
Part 1 * Part 2

Turning Your Adversities In The Fruit

Rev. Brian Weatherspoon
Tabernacle International
Deliverance Church

Bow Down And Worship Him

Lord, Give Us Your Wisdom

Can You Handle The Truth

Seed Time, Harvest Time

You Are Who You Follow

Lord, Stop The Madness

Women Have Favor

Decree A Thing

Amazing Grace

La Familia 2

Healing By The Side Of The Road

Rev. Dr. Steven Avinger Sr.
Greater Saint Matthew
Baptist Church

Living As A Worshiper

How Do I Stop My Mess

How Should We Worship God

Don't Let Go Until He Blesses You

Wrestling With The God Of Answers

Rev. Charles W. Quann
Bethlehem Baptist Church

Our Secret Sins

The Fickle Crowd

Forgive One Another

How Deep Is Your Faith

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Trying To Break Free From Depression

The Servants Fight For Justice

Dealing With Other Peoples Expectations

Bishop Arnold G. Ford Sr.
United Church Of Jesus Christ

I Can See It Now

Get Your Mind Right

I'm Not Going Down For Standing Up

Dr. Janie Watkins
Trinity Deliverance Worship Center


There's A Place By Me

The Baptizer


Pastor Juanita Armstead
New Birthing Worship Center

Holy Nation

Royal Priesthood

A Peculiar People

Chosen Generation

Show Forth His Praise

There Will Be Distractions

Wait On The Lord Part 1

Wait On The Lord Part 2

Steps Of A Good Man

What Do You Desire

The Gift Of God

Thank You God

Pastor Netha D. Bell
The Greater Life Christian Center

Winter Is Almost Over

You Can't Be Afraid Not To Do It

Can We Talk

Put Your Tool Box Away

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

(Pray Until Something Happens)

Your TIME Is Coming

Don't Quit - Today Could Be Your Day

Pastor Eric Nichols
Christ Tabernacle Church

The Fright Of My Life

Surrender But Don't Quit

Pastor Willie Wilson Sr.
Fresh Fire Word Of Life Ministries


I Feel A Disconnect

People Are Destroyed
For A Lack Of Knowledge

Pastor Robert Randolph-Davis
The Abundant Life Family
Christian Center

Fundamental Principles
For Lasting Kingdom Success

Living Life Under The Influence

Pastor Regina Randolph-Davis
The Abundant Life Family
Christian Center

Success In Marriage

Pastor Tanya Moore
New Creation Family Worship Cen.

Don't Go, Just Flow

Claim Your Inheritance

Pastor Kenyatta Moore
New Creation Family Worship Cen.

Change Your Perception

Foundational Teaching

It's Guaranteed

Pastor Michael Heath
Living Waters Ministries

Genuine Worship

God Is Making Me Into A Masterpiece

Pastor L. Andre' Person Sr.
New Harvest Temple

Learn To Love

A Sanctified Home

Confronting Your Jezebel

Giving: Are You A Luster Or A Lover?

Pastor Alice L. Martin
Voice of Praise Worldwide Ministries

Please Kiss Me Again

Jesus Brought Me Back

Don't Respond To The Fire

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Elder Virginia Booth
Virginia Booth Ministries, Inc.

Hold On To Your Faith And
Keep On Believing

Praising Your Way Through
A Midnight Situation

Don't Miss Your Moment

Pastor/Dr. Garth G. Gittens
Calvary Baptist Church

Who Do You Call In
Times Of Distress

The Battle Is Not Yours

Waiting And Trusting On
The Lord To Bless You

Pastor Aaron Campbell
Antioch Calvary Chapel

The Hypocrite

Right Thinking

Cleave To The Lord

Man's Sins, God's Grace

When The Serpent Bites

Pastor Anthony D. Little
Unity Temple Worship Center

Fatal Distraction

The Power Of Thank You

Foundation of Relationships

Struggling With My Unbelief

Pastor Jeffery Gaskin
1st Lady Vanessa Gaskin

Living Waters
Christian Center

Just Right For God

Relationship Not Religion - Part 1

Relationship Not Religion - Part 2

Rev. Dr. James S. Allen
Vine Memorial
Baptist Church

Depression, How To Handle It

If God Be For Us, Who
Can Be Against Us

A National Advantage

Unnecessary Worry


Rev. Edmund T. Sherrill
Mt. Enon Baptist Church

Virus In The Church

How To Handle A T.K.O.

Back Then

Pastor Herbert H. Lusk, II
Greater Exodus Baptist Church

I Am With Thee

Victory In The Valley

God's Promises To His People

Two Commands Five Promises

Pastor James S. Hall Jr.
Triumph Baptist Church

Zebulan's Blessing

Rev. Lance Lewis
Christ Liberation Fellowship

Giving You The Best That I've Got

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Always And Forever

Ball Of Confusion


Ordinary People

God Will Provide

Naughty By Nature

You Are Somebody

Thou Shalt Not Gossip

Lord, Show Me A Sign

Song Of A Wounded Soul

Walking In The Ways Of Wisdom

Apostle Don E. Warren
Elder Lena L. Warren
Everlasting Life Ministries

How Did I Get Myself In This Mess

Too Blessed To Be Stressed

From Disgrace To Grace

Beauty And The Beast

Battle Fatigue

Pastor Glen Spaulding
Deliverance Evangelistic Church

The Resurrection

Baptism In The Word

Spiritual Resurrection

A Peace That Liberates

The Outpouring Of Holy Spirit

Building Character For Leadership

Bishop T.K. Grant, III
Revival Hill Oasis Of Faith

Keep The Enemy Under Your Feet

Help, I'm Stuck In The Wrong
Kind Of Love

Saved, Single and Sexual

You've Got To Fight

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Rev. Terrence Griffith
First African Baptist Church

Only Believe

God Restores


Bishop K.L. Newkirk Jr.
Harold O. Davis Memorial

Don't Matter What I Say,
It's What He Says

He Loves Me Enough To Be Late

Too Blessed To Be Stressed

Pastor R.T. Jones, Jr.
Jones Memorial

Be Strong, Take Courage

Don't Stop Praying

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Apostle Warren Martin
Miracle Temple Of Christ Ministries

Much More


Make Up Your Mind

The Battle Has Been Fixed

Rev. Terry M. Davis
Associate Pastor Pamela A. Davis
Christ Community Church of Phila.

How Do You Know When It's God Voice

There's Smart Then There's God Smart

What's Love Got To Do With
It, Everything

The Kingdom Of God

Pastor Earl F. Wright
The Church of God in The Word

Did God Choose You?

The Benefits Of
Knowing The Scriptures

Our Life Before God
Our Life Because Of God

Do Something You
Have Never Done Before

Bishop Ernest C. Morris, Sr.
Mount Airy C.O.G.I.C.

Right Choices

Love In Action

Faith In Action

God Needs You

Live The Being, Not The Doing

Pastor Willie I. Graves, Sr.
St. Phillip's Baptist Church

Keep Praying, God
Has A Time To Answer

What Happens When
The Promise Don't Come

I Have Been Changed

Faith Is A Family Affair

When Jesus Meets The Devil


Pastor Joseph Blocker
Ark Of Safety Evangelical Church

You Can Come Home

The Bitterness Of Life

God Provided A Lamb

The Great Ambassador From Heaven

Pastor Ronald W. Dunston
Resurrected Life Evangelistic Church

Purged For A Purpose

What Are You Looking At

Apostle Vance L. Dash, Sr.
Rhema Deliverance Center

Try Me

This Year 100 Fold

You Have To Go Higher

What To Do When You
Don't Know What To Do

Think On These Things

You Can't Design Your
Own Deliverance

Stir Up Your Gift

Count It All Joy

Rev. Wayne M. Weathers
Miller Memorial Baptist Church

What Must I Do To Be Saved

Are You Ready For Your Crucifixion

Dr. Wesley Pinnock
True Light Fellowship

It's Time To Let Go Of The Past

The Lord Will See You
Through Difficult Times

Whatever It Takes

Living The Abundant Life

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Pastor D.E. Sutton
Second Pilgrim Baptist Church

He Did It Just For Me

I Had To Go Thru This

I'll Make It No Matter What

My Praise Brought Me Through This

I'm Broken To Be Blessed
Part 1 * Part 2

He Is Risen

Pastor Christian B. Winters
Chosen Generation Worship Center

You're In This Mess For A Reason

Your Light Afflictions

I'm The One

Pastor William Henley
Beulah Baptist Church

The Right Man For The Job

Shakened But Settled

The Finishing Touch

 We Got People

All Or Nothing

Apostle Donald Parks
We Are More Than Conquerors

Conquering Your Goliath

Go Back To Your First Love

Spiritual Warfare

Tear The Roof Off

Rev. Robert E. Hamlin, Sr.
Second Baptist Church
of Doylestown

Who Are You Serving?

Rev. Harry R. Benson Jr.
Eastwick Worship Center UMC

Enter The Victory Zone

 Get Rooted & Stay Rooted

Pastor Earl Palmer
Brand New Life
Christian Center

Dry Bones

The Mark Of A Great Church

Through The Eyes Of Mary Magdalene

Pastor Bernard Henderson
and First Lady/Evangelist
Gloria Henderson
Christ Jesus
Evangelistic Church

Put On The Whole Armor Of God

This Is A Message To The Church

I Am Hiding In The Light

It's All About Jesus

Expect Victory

The Glorious Gospel
Now That's Good News

From Worry To
Worship From Fear To Faith

Somebody Praise Our Great God

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